What are the basic roles of printed circuit board fabrication


Printed circuit board production refers to the insulating substrate, according to a predetermined design, made of printed circuits, printed components, or by the combination of the two into a conductive graphic, in the insulating substrate, to provide the electrical connection between the components of the conductive graphic, known as the printed circuit, excluding the printed components. Printed circuits or printed circuits of the finished board is called a printed circuit board or printed circuit board, also known as printed board, that printed circuit board production of the basic role of what? Here we take a look.

Printed circuit boards are generally made of insulating, heat-insulating, and non-bendable materials. The tiny lines that can be seen on the surface are made of copper foil, which originally covered the entire board, but in the manufacturing process some of the copper foil is etched away, leaving the copper foil to become a grid of tiny lines. These lines are called wires and are used to provide circuit connections for the components on the printed circuit board.

In order to fix the components on top of the printed circuit board, the pins can be soldered directly onto the pads. The pads are used to fix the component pins or lead out connecting wires, test wires, etc. The pads are available in various shapes such as round and rectangular. In the most basic printed circuit board (single-panel), components are concentrated on one side, the wires are concentrated on the other side. In this way it is necessary to make holes in the board so that the pins can pass through the board to the other side, so the pins of the components are soldered on the other side. Therefore, the front and back sides of the printed circuit board fabrication are called the component side and the solder side, respectively.

If you want to connect two printed circuit boards to each other, generally use the edge connector of the gold finger. To make the connection between the connector shrapnel, for compression contact and conductive interconnection. Usually connected, one of the piece of printed circuit on the gold finger inserted into the other piece of printed circuit on the appropriate slot (generally called the expansion slot Slot). Because of the good conductivity of gold, in low and high temperatures will not be directly oxidized, will not rust, and electroplating processing is also very easy, the appearance is also good, so the electronic industry, the surface of the joints are almost all to choose electroplated gold. In computers, graphics cards, sound cards, network cards or other similar interface cards, are connected to the motherboard with the help of gold fingers.

Printed circuit boards in the role of electronic equipment: transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components to provide a fixed and assembled mechanical support; the realization of transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components of the wiring and electrical connections between the electrical insulation to meet the electrical characteristics; for the electronic assembly process of components, inspection, maintenance and provide identification of the characters and graphics, for the wave soldering Provides solder resist graphics for wave soldering.

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