Cold knowledge: why pcb circuit boards have that many colors!


Whether the color determines the performance of the PCB multilayer circuit boards, in the acquisition of a PCB board, the most graphic to see the color of the board oiling, the prevailing color green, blue, red and black, etc., some people will question whether the color determines the performance of it, I said for the different colors to say my own understanding.

 1, green printing ink is by far only the most common, the history of the most events, and in today's sales market is also the most cost-effective, so green is a lot of manufacturers apply as the key color of their goods.

2, the general situation, all PCB board goods in the production process is to go through the plate making process and SMT and other processes, in the case of the plate making process, there are so many processes must go through the white room, because the green in the white room of the actual effect is better than the other colors, but this is not the most critical reason. In the case of SMT to carry out soldering soldering electronic devices, PCB to go through on the flux paste and post piece and its final AOI school inspection lights the whole process, this whole process to learn to electronic optical precision positioning correction, there is a green background color on the instrumentation of the identification of the effect is very good some.

3, the common PCB colors are red, yellow, green, blue and black. However, at this stage because of these difficulties in the processing technology, many wire frame product quality inspection process or must rely on the staff to see the eye to see and identify (naturally, most of the current application of laser inspection technology). In the light of the condition of the eyes constantly staring at the board board proofreading, which is very much in need of energy and work process, relatively speaking, the green is the least harmful to the eyes, so at this stage of the sales market, most manufacturers are applying the green PCB.

4, dark blue and black is the basic principle of the respective cobalt and carbon doped with the original elements, with a certain degree of conductivity, in the plug-in condition is likely to appear short-circuit failure problem, and green PCB is relatively very environmentally friendly, in the application of high-temperature natural environments, is not generally easy to release harmful gases.

5, probably from 2007 onwards, we began to pay attention to the color of the PCB board, mainly due to some of the first-line manufacturers of high-end boards using black PCB board color design, so we slowly think that the PCB board color for the black is high-end.

So since then, manufacturers slowly began to use black PCB coating - an inexplicable reason for such an inexplicable phenomenon. Before that, no one has ever thought that a PCB board soldermask that is black represents a good quality motherboard, which is entirely a product misdirection brought about by the use of black color by first-tier brands to identify their products and positioning.

The black board is not easy to see the wiring in it, so it brings a certain degree of difficulty to copy the board. I learned that most of the Android embedded boards are now using the black PCB, so dare to use the black circuit board manufacturers are generally on their own team's technology has absolute confidence in the use of the effect, both sides of the performance is the same, there is no black circuit board than the green circuit board in the performance of the higher-end claims.

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