About how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of pcb circuits


PCB circuit board strengths and weaknesses of how to identify, many partners may not be able to carry out a direct judgment, today PCB manufacturers small make up to take you how to go to an intuitive judgment.

PCB circuit board market price has been highly competitive, affected by this factor, PCB board material costs also show a rising trend, more and more manufacturers in order to enhance their core competitiveness, trying to monopolize the market with low prices. However, behind these ultra-low prices, is to reduce the cost of materials and process production costs to obtain, but the device is usually prone to cracks (cracks), easy to scratch, (or abrasion), its precision, performance and other comprehensive factors did not meet the standard, seriously affecting the use of the product on the weldability and reliability and so on.

In the face of a variety of PCB circuit boards on the market, jiubao circuit editorial in identifying PCB circuit board good or bad, we can start from two aspects; the first method is from the appearance of the sub-judgment.

There may be partners will be puzzled, from the appearance of how to judge it, we have to start with three aspects,: First, the size and thickness of the standard , circuit boards on the standard circuit board thickness is different sizes, customers can measure and check the thickness and specifications according to their own products. Second, is the light and color of the board, external circuit boards are covered with ink, circuit boards can play a role in insulation, if the board's color is not bright, less ink, insulation board itself is not good: Third, the appearance of welded seams, circuit boards due to the number of parts, if the weld is not good, the parts are easy to fall off the circuit board, which seriously affects the quality of the circuit board welded, the appearance of a good, careful identification, the interface is strong a little bit is very important.

Of course, this is just a basic aspect of the judgment, on the other hand, we from the PCB circuit board itself quality specification requirements to judge:

1, the requirements of the components installed after the telephone to be used, that is, the electrical connection to meet the requirements;.

2, line width, line thickness, line distance in line with the requirements, so as to avoid line heating, disconnection, and short-circuit.

3, by the high temperature copper skin is not easy to fall off.

4, copper surface is not easy to oxidize, affecting the speed of installation, oxidation with a short period of time after the use of bad;

5, there is no additional electromagnetic radiation.

6, there is no deformation of the shape, so as to avoid deformation of the shell after installation, screw hole misalignment. Now are mechanized installation, circuit board holes and lines and the design of the deformation error should be within the allowable range;.

7, and high temperature, high humidity and resistance to special environments should also be in the scope of consideration;.

8, the mechanical properties of the surface to meet the installation requirements.

The above is jiubao circuit editorial PCB circuit board to teach you to judge the good and bad methods, in the small partners to buy PCB circuit board, must keep a sharp eye. We Shenzhen Jiubao Technology Co., Ltd, specializing in the production of pcb circuit boards for more than 12 years, we only do high quality, high efficiency products. If you are interested in cooperation, welcome to contact us!

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