Why PCBs are made into multilayer boards?


Why more and more PCBs are made into multilayer boards? This is now a lot of small partners in doubt. In fact, Jiubao circuit editor told you: in the PCB circuit board in the beginning of the birth of the time, the application areas and not large, there was no multilayer board, with the development of the times, due to the development of high integrated circuit technology and microelectronics technology, the volume of electronic products is getting smaller and smaller, so to carry a variety of electronic components of the circuit substrate requirements of more and more high, let me take you to understand the advantages of multilayer board today:

For the most basic PCB, components are concentrated in one side, the wire is concentrated in the other side, because only one side of the wiring, so this PCB it is called a single-panel, while both sides of the double-sided panel can be wired, so the wiring area than a single-panel hit double, suitable for use in more complex circuits.

For simple circuits such as radios, usually use a single double-sided board on the line, but electronic products, the complexity of the circuit has increased dramatically, the electrical performance of the PCB also puts forward higher requirements, if you also use a single double-sided board, then the volume will be very large, on the wiring is also a great deal of difficulty, and the interference between the lines is also not good to deal with. So the multilayer board came into being.

PCB multilayer board has high assembly density. Small volume; shorten the connection line between electronic components, speed up the transmission speed; convenient wiring; for high-frequency circuits, join the ground layer, so that the signal line to the ground to form a constant low impedance, shielding effect is better.

Most of the multilayer boards that are common today are four- or six-layer boards, although practical printed circuit boards with more than 100 layers are now available.

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