PCB Production Quality Issues


pcb ardbo manufacturers use internationally recognized boards and do not use inferior miscellaneous brands. Benefits: Improved reliability, service life and known performance.

Risks of not doing so: the use of poor-quality boards can significantly shorten the service life of the product, at the same time, the poor mechanical properties of the board means that the circuit board can not play the expected performance in the assembly conditions, for example: higher expansion properties can lead to delamination, disconnection and warping problems, and there is also a weakening of the electrical characteristics can lead to poor impedance performance.

To do a good job of PCB quality, first of all, we should start from the raw materials to carry out strict quality inspection. If defects are found, they should be registered, reported and solutions proposed in time. Only by guaranteeing the quality of raw materials can we obtain good quality PCBs. if the quality of raw materials is not guaranteed, the manufactured PCBs may also have various problems, such as blistering, delamination, cracking, warping, uneven thickness and so on. Therefore, raw materials must be strictly inspected to ensure subsequent production.

How to choose the right PCB manufacturer

1, look at the technical strength

Different PCB manufacturers have great differences in technology, some circuit board factory also exists relatively backward and a single situation, and such PCB manufacturers choose to cooperate with the profit margin can be relatively small. Looking for some of the stronger technical strength of the manufacturers, in the overall supply chain, technology and other aspects will have obvious advantages, can meet the diversified product needs of customers.

2, look at the credibility

In business cooperation, credibility is a factor that can not be ignored, must be analyzed from this perspective to consider. For example, you can look at the qualifications of the circuit board manufacturers, as well as the honorary certificates obtained in the industry, the comprehensive evaluation of customers, etc., through the manufacturer's previous cases of cooperation, you can effectively determine the overall credibility of the manufacturer.

3, look at the service system

In any industry, the service can not be ignored, represents the attitude and management ability of the enterprise. About to cooperate with the manufacturer, you can evaluate from the degree of cooperation with its customers' needs, as well as the speed of service response, etc., can be in the service is very attentive to the manufacturer, cooperation will also save themselves a lot of heartache.

Select PCB manufacturers to go through a comprehensive assessment, from a variety of aspects to consider, in addition to the above points, but also look at the manufacturer's qualifications and industry experience, as well as the offer, etc., and to start from their own needs, so that we can find the right manufacturer, so as to get a better quality of PCB products.

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