What are the advantages of PCB multilayer circuit boards?


If you compare a PCB single-sided board with a PCB multilayer board, we can see the differences on the surface without discussing the internal quality. These differences are important for the durability and functionality of the PCB throughout its lifetime.

The main advantages of PCB multilayer circuit board boards: these boards are resistant to oxidation. The varied structure, high density, and surface coating technology ensure that the circuit boards are of high quality and safe to use.

1.PCB multilayer board hole wall copper thickness for normal is 25 microns.

Enhanced reliability, including improved z-axis expansion resistance.

2. Solderless repair or open circuit repair.

Advantage: Perfect circuitry ensures reliability and safety, no maintenance and no risk.

3. Exceed the cleanliness requirements of IPC specifications.

Benefits: Improving PCB multilayer board cleanliness can improve reliability.

4. Strict control of the service life of each surface treatment.

Advantages: welding, reliability and reduced risk of moisture intrusion.

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