Why do PCB circuit boards have so many colors!


Whether the color determines the performance of the PCB multilayer circuit board. When you get the PCB board, you can see the color of the oil on the board the most. Common colors are green, blue, red and black, etc. Some people may be confused about the performance of colors. JBpcb will talk about the understanding of different colors.

1. Green printing ink is by far the most widely used and the most historically eventful, and it is also the cheapest in the current market, so green is used by many manufacturers as the main color of their products.

2. Under normal circumstances, all PCB board products have to go through the whole process of plate making process and SMT in the production process. In the case of plate making process, there are so many processes that must go through the white light room, because green is in The effect of white light room is better than other colors, but this is not the most important reason. In the case of SMT welding electronic components, the PCB has to go through the whole process of soldering paste and patch and the final AOI calibration light. These processes all need optical positioning and calibration, with a green background The effect of color on the identification of equipment is very good.
3. Common PCB colors are red, yellow, green, blue and black. However, due to the problems of processing technology at present, many wireframe product quality inspection processes still need to rely on workers to observe and judge with their own eyes (of course, laser inspection technology is mostly used at present). Keeping your eyes on the board for proofreading under strong light is a process that requires a lot of energy and work. Relatively speaking, green is the least damaging to your eyes, so most manufacturers in the market at this stage use green PCBs. .

 4. The principle of dark blue and black is that they are mixed with cobalt and carbon lamp elements respectively, and have a certain conductivity. In the case of plugging in, there may be a problem of short circuit failure, and the green PCB is relatively safe. It is very environmentally friendly. When used in a high-temperature environment, it generally does not emit harmful gases.
5. Since about 2007, people began to pay attention to the color of PCB boards, mainly because some high-end boards of first-line manufacturers adopted black PCB board color design, so people slowly thought that the color of PCB boards was black and high-end of.

So from then on, manufacturers slowly began to use black PCB coating-an inexplicable reason caused such an inexplicable phenomenon. Before, no one thought that the solder mask of the PCB board was black, which meant that the motherboard was of good quality. This was completely misleading by the first-line brands using black to identify products and position them.

It is not easy to see the wiring on the black board, which brings a certain degree of difficulty to copying the board. What I learned is that most of the Android embedded boards now use black PCBs. Therefore, manufacturers who dare to use black circuit boards generally have absolute confidence in their team's technology. In terms of use effects, the performance of both parties is the same. There is no such thing as black circuit boards having higher performance than green circuit boards. 

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