How to choose the right PCB manufacturer?


It is very important to choose the right PCB manufacturer for manufacturing, which can ensure the quality, reliability, and feasibility of PCB design. First of all, the technical capabilities of PCB manufacturers should be considered, including PCB board thickness, aperture, surface treatment technology, line width/spacing accuracy, etc. To ensure that the products provided meet the requirements of customers. Secondly, pay attention to the strength of PCB manufacturers to ensure the accuracy and reliability of proofing. In addition, the price of the PCB manufacturer should also be considered to ensure the economy of manufacturing. Finally, consider the services of PCB manufacturers to ensure timely delivery and quality assurance. All in all, choosing the right PCB manufacturer for production can effectively improve the quality and reliability of PCB design, so as to achieve a win-win situation of economic and technical benefits.

PCB is mainly divided into samples and small batches, and the proofing speed is relatively fast. The delivery time is generally divided into 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, etc. For customers with small quantities who need to rush, you can find such manufacturers; such as JBpcb, PCB proofing can be shipped within 12 hours.

Mass production: mainly for mass production, and the delivery time is within the normal range. Normal delivery time, the delivery price of each time period is different.

Quality, delivery date, and after-sales service of PCB manufacturers :

1. When choosing a PCB manufacturer for manufacturing, it is very important to understand their product quality. First of all, you need to understand the production capacity of PCB manufacturers to see if they have the ability to meet your production needs, and whether their product quality meets your requirements. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the technical level of PCB manufacturers, including whether they have advanced equipment and technology, and whether their technicians are familiar with the PCB production process. Finally, it is necessary to understand the service level of PCB manufacturers to see whether they can provide timely, accurate, and effective services and whether their after-sales service is reliable. Only by comprehensively considering these factors can we determine which PCB manufacturer to choose for proofing, so as to ensure the quality of the product. For example, it depends on whether the copper thickness of the PCB meets the specifications, whether the edge of the line is flat, whether the surface of the board is smooth and regular, whether the adhesion of the copper foil is good enough, etc.

2. Many customers have urgent needs for proofing, which puts forward higher requirements for the technical strength and production capacity of PCB manufacturers. The on-time delivery rate and yield rate are important reference indicators. JBpcb implements the ISO9001 management standard and strictly controls the production process and the testing and inspection of finished products to ensure that the quality indicators of PCB manufacturing meet the standards, and the on-time delivery rate and yield rate reach 99%.

3. It mainly depends on the manufacturer's processing speed of orders, customer needs, and customer problems. JBpcb has established a complete and humanized after-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations, and order services 24 hours a day. Can provide customers with better PCB services.

The above are the main considerations for customers to choose PCB manufacturers. We hope to help you choose the right PCB manufacturers and promote your own business development.

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