How to judge the quality of multilayer PCB circuit boards from color


How to judge the quality of multilayer PCB circuit board from PCB color. Today jiubao editor will explain to you what kind of impact the color of PCB has on its performance. How should we go to judge the quality of multilayer PCB circuit board.

First of all, PCB, as a printed circuit board, mainly provides the interconnection between electronic components. The color has no direct relationship with the performance, and the difference in pigment does not have much impact on the electrical performance. However, the good or bad performance of a PCB is determined by factors such as the materials used (high Q), wiring design and several layers of boards. In the process of washing PCBs, black is the most likely to cause color difference, if the raw materials used in the PCB factory and the production process is slightly off, because of the color difference caused by the PCB defective rate increases. This directly leads to increased production costs.

In fact, the raw materials of PCB are what we see everywhere in our daily life, that is glass fiber and resin. The glass fiber and resin combine and harden into a board that is heat-insulating, insulating, and does not bend easily, which is the PCB substrate. Of course, the PCB substrate made of glass fiber and resin combination alone cannot conduct signals, so on the PCB substrate, the manufacturer will cover the surface with a layer of copper, so the PCB substrate can also be called copper-clad substrate.

As the circuit alignment of the black PCB is difficult to recognize will increase the R & D and after-sales stage of maintenance and debugging difficulties, generally if there is no profound RD (research and development) designers and strong maintenance team of the brand, is not easy to use the black PCB. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand of RD design and later maintenance team have confidence in the performance, from the side, is also a reflection of the manufacturer's confidence in their own strength.

Based on the above reasons make the major manufacturers in the choice of PCB version of the product design, will be carefully considered. Therefore, the formation of the year the market shipments of most of the products using red PCB, green PCB or blue PCB version, only in the high-end or top flagship products in order to see the black PCB situation, so customers do not think that the black PCB than the green PCB is good.

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