pcb power layer wiring design tips


pcb power layer wiring design of high-speed power supply PCB board is one of the keys is to minimize the line impedance caused by the voltage drop and high-frequency electromagnetic field conversion and the introduction of a variety of noise. Usually use two methods to solve the above problems. One is the power bus technology (POWER BUS), the second is to use a separate power supply layer for power supply.

1, AC input and DC output should have a clear layout distinction, the best way is to be able to isolate each other.

2, the input and output (including DC / DC converter primary and secondary) wiring distance should be at least 5 mm or more.

3, the control circuit and the main power circuit should have a clear layout distinction.

4, try to avoid high-current and high-voltage wiring and measurement lines, control lines of parallel wiring.

5, as far as possible in the blank surface of the board laying copper.

6, in the high-current, high-voltage wiring connections, try to avoid using wires in space over long distances, it leads to interference is very difficult to deal with.

7, if the cost allows, can use multi-layer board wiring, there are special auxiliary power layer and ground layer, will greatly reduce the impact of EMC.

8, the work of the ground is the most susceptible to interference, so try to take a large area of copper wiring approach.

9, shielded ground wiring can not constitute an obvious loop, in which case the antenna effect will be formed, easy to introduce interference.

10, high-power devices are best to be more organized layout, to facilitate the installation of heat sinks and cooling duct design.

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