What is circuit board triple defense paint rework?


What is circuit board tri-proof paint rework? Coating three-proof paint is generally the last process in PCB assembly, however, during testing, electronic components may have defects, which require three-proof paint coating can be repaired. So it is generally called circuit board three-proof paint rework. That is specifically how to do it?

For electronic components used in harsh environments, coated with three-proof paint can provide a variety of protection to the circuit board: moisture, mildew, dust, insulation, a large reduction in the growth of dendrites, stress relief and so on. Triple-proof paint makes electronic components more durable, improves the reliability of electronic equipment and reduces warranty costs.

When a circuit board needs to be reworked, the expensive components on the board can be removed individually and the rest discarded. However, a more common method is - to remove the protective film from all or localized locations on the circuit board and replace the damaged components one by one. When removing the protective film of the three-proof paint, it is necessary to ensure that it will not damage the substrate under the component, other electronic components, structures near the location of the rework, etc. The main methods of removing the protective film include the use of chemical solvents, micro-abrasion, mechanical methods and desoldering through the protective film.

The use of chemical solvents is a common method of removing the protective film of three-proof paint, which depends on the chemical nature of the protective film to be removed and the chemical nature of the specific solvent. Micro-abrasion utilizes a nozzle that sprays high-speed particles to "grind" away the protective film from the board. Mechanical methods are particularly easy to remove the protective film. Solder removal through the protective film is done by cutting a discharge hole in the protective film to allow the molten solder to escape.

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