What are the reasons for the delayed delivery of circuit board manufacturers?


[Jiubao Circuit PCB] September 2022, Jiubao PCB editor visited a customer, formal business talk, I asked a question, said: "Your company looks very formal, there are ready-made PCB circuit board manufacturers with, how will suddenly think of developing new suppliers?"

The customer pondered for a few minutes, told me about the situation he now encountered:

The original PCB circuit board supplier was done in May 2022 or so, the first two months, the circuit board manufacturers with the good, the order is placed over the past soon after the delivery, but also very punctual. Sometimes an order under the 100,000 PCS circuit board, basically in three or five days on the delivery, each batch of delivery quantities of 20,000 ~ 30,000, what problems are very cooperative. The cooperation is very pleasant!

Who knows that the good days are these two months. Starting from the third month, the delivery of the circuit board manufacturer is not on time. It was clearly agreed to deliver in 10 days, but it turned out to be the 15th day. When the boards were produced, the first batch hadn't been made yet, and the first batch was handed over in 20 days, and there were only a few thousand boards, which was not enough for the chip factory to make in one day, and then it had to wait slowly. Three days, five days have passed, and the second batch of PCBs has not been delivered for a long time; it took a lot of effort to purchase, and thousands of circuit boards were chased. It took two months to pay the bills without any delay. The customer complained a lot, and the boss kept an eye on his work every day, and he was under a lot of pressure. Some customers simply canceled the orders.

Electronics factory procurement for PCB delivery problems worrying

As a procurement to this extent is indeed very tired, but the problem in the end where it is? Is the circuit board manufacturers really cattle do not want to do his business? Or this supplier has no sense of service, simply will not do business? Or the supplier has a large production problems, can not make the board on time delivery?

Through understanding to know, when the circuit board manufacturers do come in, procurement and the boss in order to save costs for the factory, reduce the purchase unit price. Negotiate with the supplier, has been extremely price, the cost of the circuit board factory calculated clearly, clearly, the circuit board manufacturer encountered such a shrewd customer is also speechless, can only be nothing to sign a contract, and customers to establish a cooperative relationship.

Shrewd PCB buyers also have troubles

Then there is the kind of results at the beginning of this article, personal opinion: as a businessman, no matter what, there must be a profit to do things more vigorously, the greater the profit, the greater the power to do. And when the customer's order is not profitable, as a manufacturer, do not do not matter, want to spend a lot of energy and time to maintain, do a good job, when there is a loss of money, I think who are not willing to do it. This is the nature of being a businessman.

In the above supply and demand for both sides, the customer is too shrewd, basically price pressure PCB manufacturers have no profit, when its order quantity is seriously insufficient, the factory in order to maintain normal expenses, even if only to stabilize the confidence of the staff, there may be no profit or even a slight loss of a little bit of the capital will do, but once the situation has changed, the order is normal, then, this kind of order to feed the factory is certainly in line, nothing to do! Will arrange to do a little, other orders enough cases, the factory is basically to arrange other high profit orders, and this micro-profit orders indefinitely postponed arrangements.

Of course, some people say, as a businessman, since the contract signed should be honest, according to the contract. Yes, it is very nice to say, and full of sense, but we know from the news that now China's real integrity of doing business, loss of money to honor their commitments and how many? How many people have so much financial resources and strength to honor this integrity? Can do not bully customers, not cheating has been a good business integrity!

Therefore, sometimes, as a customer, too smart may not be a good thing, sometimes confused, to give manufacturers some profit may not be a bad thing, when manufacturers can earn a reasonable profit, I think most of the circuit board manufacturers are willing to put the customer service, to reduce the procurement of trouble, in order to seek long-term cooperation!

When customers are willing to pay for service and high value-added, Jiubao PCB manufacturers will also be willing to provide customized services for profit!

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