Introduction to the production process of circuit boards


Basic flow of CAM production

Check data → Drill tape processing → Inner layer line → Outer layer line → Solder resist processing → Character processing → Check data → Layout → GerBer (Drill tape) output → Light painting → Output film → Check film

Single panel process flow

Material opening → drilling → printing line → full-board gold plating → etching → inspection → printing solder resist → tin spraying → printing characters → molding → finished product inspection → rosin → packaging

Process flow of double-sided tin spraying board

Open material→drilling→copper sinking→plate electric (thickened copper)→graphic transfer→electrocopper electric tin→etching and retinning→inspection→print resist soldering→printing characters→spraying tin→forming→testing→finished product inspection→packaging

Double-sided board nickel gold plating process

Material opening → drilling → copper sinking → board electricity (thickened copper) → graphic transfer → electro-nickel electro-gold → de-film etching → inspection → printed solder resist → printed characters → molding → test → finished product inspection → packaging

Multi-layer tin spraying board process flow

Material opening→inner line→inner etching→inner inspection→blackening(browning)→lamination→targeting→drilling→board electricity(thickened copper)→graphic transfer(outer)→electrocopper-electro-tin→etching and tin-retreating→inspection→printing resist soldering→printing characters→spraying tin→forming→testing→finish inspection→packaging

Multilayer board gold finger + tin spray board process flow

Material opening → inner layer line → inner layer etching → inner layer inspection → blackening (browning) → lamination → targeting → drilling → board electric (thickened copper) → graphic transfer (outer layer) → electro-copper electro-tinning → etching and retinning → inspection → printing solder resist → printing characters → electric gold finger → tin spraying → molding → test → finished product inspection → packaging

Multilayer board nickel gold plating process

Material opening→inner line→inner etching→inner inspection→blackening(browning)→lamination→targeting→drilling→copper immersion→plate electricity(thickened copper)→graphic transfer(outer layer)→electro-nickel-electro-gold→decoating and etching→inspection→printing resist soldering→printing character→forming→testing→finished product inspection→packaging

Multi-layer immersion nickel gold plate process flow

Material opening→Inner layer line→Inner layer etching→Inner layer inspection→Blackening (browning)→Lamination→Targeting→Drilling→Copper immersion→Panel electricity (thickened copper)→Graphic transfer (outer layer)→Electro-copper-electro-tin→Etching and de-tinning→Inspection→Imprint resist soldering→Chemically immersed nickel-gold→Imprinted characters→Forming→Testing→Finished product inspection→Packaging

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