PCB high-frequency circuit board processing need to pay attention to several ways


pcb high-frequency board is mainly used for precision instruments in the use of accessories, in the manufacturing process of its physical properties, precision and technical parameters and other indicators have high requirements for radio systems and other fields not only to achieve high requirements of high-speed signals, but also to enhance the operating speed of the relevant transmission devices, while the different materials for the circuit board will also affect the performance of the product. So, how should I select an affordable high-frequency board?

1, manufacturability: In order to make high-frequency circuit boards can better play out its performance, in the manufacturing process should be carried out a number of times to test the high-frequency circuit boards, such as compression performance and temperature performance, and should also be tested for heat resistance, mechanical toughness, and fire rating and other factors.

2, with the product to match the various properties: in the selection of high-frequency circuit boards should be selected low-loss, low dispersion and stable Dk / Df parameters of the product, and choose to be able to change with the frequency and environmental coefficients of change is small and the thickness of the material and the gum content of the high-frequency circuit board with a small tolerance, so that in the use of the other products can be better to play the characteristics of its performance.

3, the material can be obtained in a timely manner: due to high-frequency circuit boards involved in the production of high demand for technology and thus has a longer production and procurement cycle, such as people need to buy should be communicated in advance and manufacturers as early as possible to prepare materials, so that they can be obtained as scheduled circuit boards into other production activities.

4, cost factors: in the selection of high-frequency circuit boards should be referred to the price sensitivity of the product, due to the application of different areas of communications, medical or military class with price differences, the purchase should be combined with the use of the scope of the field to select the appropriate price and performance of the circuit board.

The above is in the selection of high-frequency circuit boards should be considered, in today's electronic technology and the rapid development of industrial manufacturing industry, the use of high-frequency circuit boards for the production of modern instruments and other equipment play an important role, while in order to better protect the quality of the circuit boards people in the quality of the boards should be selected to ensure that the quality of the high-frequency circuit boards used in the field of manufacturing of high-precision equipment.

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