Do You Know Which Circuit Board to Choose for Plant Growth Lights?


The energy for the growth of plants comes from the photosynthesis of plants, and photosynthesis requires sunlight, and the plant fill light can fill light for plants when the light is insufficient, promote the accumulation of plant matter, and thus achieve its purpose. increased yield.

Grow lights are artificial light sources, usually electric, designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Grow Lights are used in applications where natural lighting is not available or additional lighting is required. For example, due to frequent wet, snowy weather and haze in winter , crops in greenhouses suffer from a constant lack of light, plants with prolonged low light lack nutrients, slow fruit development, low yields and the spread of diseases and pests. LED grow lights can extend the light duration of crops and reduce these problems.

Plant growth lights are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. LED grow lights provide plants with photosynthesis, promote plant growth, shorten the flowering and fruiting period of plants, and improve production! It is an indispensable product for crops in modern construction.

Vegetables can be grown without seasonal restrictions. Vegetables that mature in 15 days can be harvested in just 5 days, which greatly increases the economic income of vegetable farmers . This is typical of promoting plant growth with LED light irradiation.

Plants can photosynthesize 16 hours a day, but natural light hours are very limited, which slows plant growth. However, if the LED light turns on, the plants can be continuously supplemented with light, and natural light can be replaced by LED light, and the ripening time of vegetables can be shortened by 1/3 the fastest, which can increase production. .

JBPCB is a company specializing in plant growth lamps. It has provided technical solutions for many plant growth lamp factories around the world. The circuit board under the plant growth lamp adopts aluminum PCB with fast heat dissipation and fast heat conduction as the circuit board. It uses the properties of aluminum to conduct heat. The coefficient is 237 W/(m K) , due to the good performance of aluminum PCB in heat dissipation, it will not have serious expansion or contraction problems, high strength, good heat dissipation, and not easy to break. Aluminum PCB work great, durable and reliable. Therefore, aluminum PCB is the circuit board of choice for plant growth lights.

grow lights

Advantages of grow lights :

[Energy saving and environmental protection] LED as a light source has low power, low energy consumption value, high light absorption rate, 90% of the emitted light energy is absorbed by plants; does not contain harmful heavy substances such as lead and mercury; 14W LED plant lamp can replace 3-5 times the power of traditional lamps, save 80% electricity;

[Good heat dissipation] As we all know, heat has a great influence on the life of LEDs, and effective heat dissipation is the guarantee of LED life. The plant growth lamp adopts the circuit board made of JBPCB , and the metal aluminum case can conduct the heat generated by the LED;

[Irradiation area] The irradiation area and height of the lamp will change according to different plants and environments, and the technical parameters will also change;

[Easy installation] Input voltage is AC176-265V, built-in power supply, no configuration of other equipment, simple and safe plug directly connected to AC176-265V voltage can work, use easy .

JBPCB has been focusing on printed circuit boards for 12 years . We will work together to create a new world of green lighting with high-quality technology and good service. We will strive to build a reliable brand in the printed circuit board industry!

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