Do You Know The Common Component Symbols on Circuit Boards?


Let's learn the common component symbols of PCB together!

R - resistance
FS - Fuse
RTH - Thermistor
CY - Y Capacitors: High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, Safety Regulations
CX - X Capacitors: High Voltage Film Capacitors, Safety Regulations
D - Diode
C - Capacitance
Q - transistor
ZD - Zener Diode
T - Transformer
U - IC chip
J - Jumper
VR - Adjustable Resistor
W - Zener tube
K - switch class
Y - Crystal

PCB often see numbers such as R107, C118, Q102, D202, etc. In general, the first letter identifies the component category, such as R for resistance, C for capacitance, D for diode, Q for triode, etc.; the second It is a number, indicating the function number of the circuit, such as "1" for the main board circuit, "2" for the power supply circuit, etc., which is determined by the PCB designer; the third and fourth digits indicate that the component is of the same type on the PCB board . The serial number of the component .

R117: The resistor on the motherboard, the serial number is 17.
T101: Transformer on the motherboard.
SW102: switch
LED101: Light Emitting Diode
LAMP: (indicating) light
Q104(E,B,C): Transistor, E: Emitter, B: Base, C: Collector

Do you all know the PCB component symbols? We master PCB component symbols in order to assemble PCBA or understand the circuit during maintenance, which can add strength to our electronic products!

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