Do a good job of delivery management, PCB circuit board small batch production processing plant should do so


In recent years, the output value of the global circuit board industry has been maintaining sustained growth, and the market competition is becoming more and more intense. In the face of this increasingly competitive environment, delivery management has become the quality management to win market advantage. Then PCB circuit board small batch production processing plant should be how to do a good job of delivery management? Today JB PCB editorial to unveil the mystery for you.

1, do a good job of order review. PCB manufacturers should be reviewed after receiving customer order information, distinguish between general orders and special orders, to see whether they have the ability to meet customer requirements. If this step is not carried out, for all orders received wholesale, without regard to whether they have the conditions to meet, it is possible that the delivery schedule can not keep up with the problem. This is very fatal.

2, the development of production plans. "Do not do the plan, business as usual production," this thinking is obviously wrong. PCB manufacturers must analyze and adjust the existing capacity, develop a rigorous production plan, so that everything is carried out step by step to ensure that the delivery date is on time.

3, to ensure timely procurement of materials. In the case of material procurement is not timely, there will often be stoppages in waiting for materials and so on, until the completion of material procurement and then re-adjust the production plan for production, one after another, resulting in a large amount of time is wasted, resulting in delays in the delivery date, so ensure that the material procurement is also very important

4, follow up the production and processing process. PCB circuit board production and processing process is very cumbersome, need to arrange for professional and technical personnel to supervise and manage each process so that it can be completed within the specified time to complete the production plan formulated, as scheduled delivery.

Comprehensive view of the above factors, Jb told everyone, JB PCB circuit boards small batch production processing of delivery management is also a systematic project that requires a wealth of practical experience in order to strategize, in order to ensure the quality of the PCB on the basis of on-time delivery.

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