Circuit board manufacturer takes you to understand led circuit boards


LED desk lamps believe that everyone has used, lighting good touch convenient, is the first choice of many people. But guide the substrate of the LED desk lamp: LED circuit board in the production process, no matter how good manufacturers, will always encounter various aspects of the problem - especially the circuit board board quality issues. Today, Jiubao circuit editor will take you to share the understanding of PCB circuit board manufacturers in the production and processing process caused by the circuit board board quality problems of factors:

1. The problem of substrate processing: especially for some of the thinner substrate (generally 0.8mm or less), because the substrate rigidity is poor, it is not appropriate to brush the board with a brush board machine. This may not be able to effectively remove the substrate production process to prevent the board surface copper foil oxidation and special treatment of the protective layer, although the layer is thinner, brush the board is easier to remove, but the use of chemical treatment there are greater difficulties, so important to pay attention to the control of production and processing, so as not to cause the board surface of the substrate between the copper foil and copper chemical bonding force caused by the board surface of the blistering problem; this problem in the thin inner layer of the blackened. This problem will also exist in the thin inner layer of blackening, black browning bad, uneven color, local black browning is not on the problem.

2. The plate surface in the machining (drilling, lamination, milling, etc.) process caused by oil or other liquids contaminated with dust contamination of the surface treatment of poor phenomena.

3. Sinking copper brush plate bad: before sinking copper grinding plate pressure is too large, resulting in aperture deformation brush out of the aperture copper foil rounded corners or even aperture leakage substrate, so that in the process of sinking copper plating tin spraying welding and other processes will result in aperture blistering phenomenon; even if the brush plate does not result in the leakage of the substrate, but the brush plate will be too heavy to increase the roughness of the aperture copper, and thus in the process of micro-etching and roughening of the copper foil at this place is very easy to produce roughness over the phenomenon, there are certain quality hazards; therefore, attention should be paid to strengthening the brush plate, and to strengthen the surface treatment. Therefore, we should pay attention to strengthening the control of the brushing process, and adjust the brushing process parameters to the appropriate value through the abrasion test and water film test.

Shenzhen Jiubao Technology Co., Ltd. is specializing in circuit boards in heavy mass production manufacturing circuit board manufacturers, business scope includes: LED circuit boards, LED touch dimming desk lamp control board, rechargeable touch LED desk lamp control board, desk lamp circuit boards, touch LED desk lamp control board, LED desk lamp control boards, LED lamp control boards, eye-care desk lamp control boards and so on.

In addition, Jiubao Circuit has many years of experience in capacitive touch keys. Therefore, LED touch dimming desk lamp control board is relatively advantageous products. Here Jiubao Circuit first take you a brief understanding of the LED:

LED lighting is a green light source, low operating voltage, low power consumption, stable performance, long life (generally 100,000 hours); impact resistance, vibration resistance; LED lighting products can provide a high-quality light environment, the lighting system's luminous efficacy, there is no infrared and ultraviolet components, color rendering is high and has a strong light-emitting directionality; dimming performance is good, the color temperature changes will not produce visual errors; cold light source Low heat generation, safe to touch; Improve glare, reduce and eliminate light pollution. Zero strobe, will not cause eye fatigue. No electromagnetic radiation, eliminating radiation pollution and protecting the brain. It can provide comfortable light space, but also well meet the human health needs, is environmentally friendly and healthy light source.

The last thing I want to say is that the product surface "shiny" behind is actually facing a lot of problems, the most prominent problem is the surface quality of the circuit board board surface problems - board surface blistering. Commonly known as the board surface bonding is poor, which contains two aspects: 1, the board surface cleanliness issues; 2, the circuit board surface microscopic roughness (or surface energy) issues. Poor or low bonding between the plating, in the subsequent production process and assembly process is difficult to resist the production process of plating stress, mechanical stress and thermal stress, ultimately resulting in different degrees of separation between the plating phenomenon. In addition, if the copper-immersed plate is oxidized in the air, it may not only cause no copper in the holes and roughness on the plate surface, but also cause blistering on the plate surface. At the same time, if the copper immersion plate in the acid storage time is too long, the plate surface will also be oxidized, and this oxide film is difficult to remove. So how can we effectively avoid these problems circuit board board surface oxidation in the production process? According to Jiubao circuit experience, precipitated copper board in the production process should be thickened in a timely manner, the storage time should not be too long, generally within 12 hours at the latest to be thickened copper-plated finished.

The above is a summary of Jiubao circuit based on many years of technical experience, if you want to know more about the circuit board information, welcome to private letter to consult.

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