PCB prototyping production lead time problems


With the development of the electronic technology industry, the market demand for pcb board is also more and more, in mass production of pcb boards before, many customers will first choose to sample, first of all, to clarify their own dosage, from the use of their own needs to look for the corresponding circuit board prototyping factory, the current market has a lot of types of board factory, there are to do a large number of, there are to do military boards, there are to do the soft boards, there are to do the small and medium batch, proofing, there are Only do simple boards, PCB circuit board manufacturers are mainly divided into two major parts; one is a fast board, this is to do samples with small quantities, the speed is faster, more for the expedited class; the other is the mass production, this is a mass production, the delivery time is within the normal range.

Proofing is generally divided into 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours. Normal delivery time

The delivery time of pcb circuit board depends on many factors. Look at how many layers of boards, look at the process, pcb circuit board single-sided double-sided proofing is generally in 4-5 days, on the four-layer board is in 8-10 days, mainly depends on the degree of difficulty of production. General single-sided proofing in 4-5 days. Batch in 5-7 days. Double-sided proofing in 5-6 days. Of course, if you are in a great hurry, you can also 48 hours, 24 hours of proofing, but you need to pay the expedited fee, set a good delivery date in the talk, the manufacturer is generally can be delivered on a regular basis!

What factors determine the proofing cycle time when proofing circuit boards?

1. Line graphics

Line graphics include minimum line width line spacing, minimum network line width line spacing, minimum etching font word width, minimum BGA and binding pads, finished product inner and outer copper thickness, alignment and shape spacing. Only understand and be familiar with the mastery of these parameters, the study of the line graphic quality is high.

2, Drilling and profiling

The details to be paid attention to for drilling are the same as for the line graphic mentioned in the first point above, while for the profile, attention should be paid to the minimum slot cutter, the maximum size, and the V-CUT to ensure that the profile is complete and clean.

3. Resistance welding and splicing plate

There are various types of solder resist, solder resist bridge to be familiar with the design spacing between the pads; as for the collocation, pay attention to the gap problem and be familiar with the rules of the half-hole board collocation as well as more than one type of collocation shipment.

4. Number of layers and plates

Here we should pay attention to the maximum number of layers, surface treatment process, board thickness range, board thickness tolerance and board type, while using the appropriate design software to protect the quality of circuit board production.

Did not choose the right PCB proofing manufacturer not only proofing product delivery time is not fixed, and the quality is also difficult to be guaranteed, so it depends on whether you are doing batch or sample, there is no best, only the most suitable and cost-effective circuit board manufacturers!

The above is our company organized on the "PCB proofing production delivery problems", I hope to help you, such as there is no clear place, please contact our customer service for you to answer.

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