What is an HDI PCB?


What is HDI PCB? What about circuit boards? Why is there a separate category called HDI in the PCB technology category? HDI is designed to provide multiple connections in a very small space. The components are placed tightly on the board, which helps keep the size down, but still works like a larger board. HDI A PCB is a combination of components that use common wiring. Micro-void technology, buried and blind ventilation make this type of film possible. HDI Printed circuit boards are the best choice for components that require high density, they are efficient and popular in many industries.

And then the HDI What is the biggest advantage of PCB? If you want to reduce size and weight, but still need product functionality and reliability, HDI A PCB is a good solution. Another advantage of this circuit board is the use of pad solder and blind hole technology. It keeps the components together, helping to deliver faster and more reliable signals by shortening the signal path.

Today, HDI In which industries are printed circuit boards used? If you look carefully, you will find this HDI PCBs have been used in various electronic devices in various industries. The medical industry is a popular industry, and the medical devices produced today are generally relatively small. Whether it's a device or a lab setup, HDI is a better choice for smaller sizes PCB can help a lot in this regard.

In addition to medical technology, HDI will be used in industries such as the automotive industry, aerospace, and the military IPCB. Their reliability and small dimensions make them suitable for a wide range of applications. believe in the future more and more devices in various industries will use this technology.

Generally, 8-bit MCU products use 2-layer through-hole boards; 32-bit MCU-level smart hardware uses 4-6 multi-hole boards; Linux and Android-level smart hardware uses 6-layer perforated panel with 8 first-class HDI panels; Compact products such as smartphones generally use an 8-layer first-order circuit board over a 10-layer second-order circuit board.

Despite the many advantages of HDI PCB , you can find them cheap. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution and a reliable and long-lasting choice for many electronic devices. But before you choose them, it's important to understand how regular FR4 panels differ from HDI panels , learn more about them, and learn how to use them.

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